GPS Timing Antennas

Time and timing form the core of all GPS antenna use cases. GPS satellites and constellations transmit messages which contain precise time data and allow for precise global time distribution. Accurate and precise time synchronization has become a key part of many mission critical applications, and without accurate timing, many of these programs will not function optimally.

Til-Tek’s GPS antennas are well-suited for many usage scenarios including maritime, agriculture and industrial, and feature:

  • Multi-constellation coverage

  • Multi-signal and multi-band support

  • Low-noise and low-power drain

  • Wide range of dimensions and weights to cater to specific use cases



Min. Freq. (MHz)

Max. Freq. (MHz)

Gain (dBi)


Horizontal Beam Width


Antenna Type - Helix Antenna
Antenna Type - Helix Antenna
Antenna Type - GPS Antenna with LNA
Antenna Type - GPS Antenna with LNA
Quality GPS Antennas You Can Trust

Our antennas feature Low-Noise Amplifiers (LNA), multi-stage filtering and superior out-of-band rejection to provide uninterrupted communications free from interference. Our precision antennas also provide powerful attenuation mitigation and consistent, clear signal receptions with minimal loss-of-lock in congested areas or high-RF fields.

Use cases of our GPS timing antennas include carrier network timing, public safety communications, utility power grid synchronization, timestamping for industry (banking/finance/government) and broadcast digital TV networks. Speak to us to learn more about how Til-Tek’s antennas are used in GPS timing applications and how we can help you with your global synchronization needs.


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